WiredScore Connect at Commerce Court

A time consuming and complicated process?  It can take dozens of hours to navigate Internet service providers (ISPs), compare pricing and packages, and manage the installation process.


WiredScore Connect can help!


Commerce Court's connectivity partner, WiredScore, is an independent 3rd party that has certified the connectivity in more than 2500 buildings worldwide.


As a tenant in a WiredScore-certified building you can leverage their expertise for free to help get you setup with great internet service.


WiredScore will help you: 

  • Discover and compare internet service packages.
  • Understand and choose the best package for your business.
  • Interface with the Internet service provider for an improved order and installation process.


​Ready to learn more?  Contact WiredScore by email at [email protected] or visit There’s no obligation and no cost to you.

Visitor Registration (PAL System)

The PAL system is a computerized card access system that monitors access to all ground floor elevators and tenant floors. This cutting-edge technology, used successfully in financial capitals around the world, is designed to be tenant and visitor friendly and provide round-the-clock security.

Tenants with passcards will find access to and from their premises easy and secure. Ground floor PAL turnstiles will allow instant access for those registered, but refuse entry to those unregistered or without their card.

How does PAL work with visitors to Commerce Court?

  • All visitors to Commerce Court West will need to be registered by a designated tenant.
  • Pre-registration is quick and easy and can be completed online. Pre-registered visitors will check in at the Concierge desk located at the north end of the ground floor lobby. Their details will be verified on our system, and a visitor passcard will be issued.
  • Non-registered or unexpected visitors will be asked to present proper identification and the Concierge will contact the person being visited to gain approval for entry. The visitor will be issued a temporary passcard and granted access through PAL.

Have more questions? Be sure to read through our PAL FAQ below.

To register visitors to Commerce Court please click below:

PAL Visitor Registration: FAQ

How Do I Know If My Card Will Allow Me Access Through The Pal?

If you are a holder of a Commerce Court passcard, your passcard will automatically be programmed to give you access through the PALs.

How Do I Get Through The Pals, To Get To The Elevator?

Just touch your passcard on or near the PAL proximity card reader, wait for the arms to drop, and walk through. It's that easy.

What If I Pass Through The Pals Without Swiping My Card?

The PALs are not designed to physically prevent someone from entering. However, if an unauthorized person attempts to pass through a PAL, or if an authorized person passes through incorrectly, an alarm should sound and building personnel will attend. When an alarm sounds, elevators currently on Court Level will automatically be halted until the alarm is resolved. Elevators already in progress when an alarm sounds will not be affected and will continue on their course.

What Should I Do If I Accidentally Cause An Alarm?

Just step back and touch your card to the proximity reader so that it beeps. Our building personnel will quickly see that you are an authorized user, will reset the alarm and release the elevators. If you fail to swipe your card, that’s ok too. Building personnel will quickly attend and see that you are authorized.

What If I Forget My Commerce Court Passcard At Home, Along With My Id?

No problem. Because your photo was taken when your Commerce Court passcard was issued, we are able to instantly find you on our system data base. Just go to the Concierge Desk located at the north end of the West Lobby and you will be provided a visitor card good for the day. The visitor card will allow you to walk through the PAL to your elevator, but will not allow you access to a card reader controlled floor.

Do Pals Mean That I Can'T Get In On Weekends?

As long as your passcard clearance currently allows you weekend and/or 24/7 access, then touching your card to the PAL readers will allow immediate access to the elevators at anytime.

What Will Happen If The Pal System Breaks Down. Will We Be Able To Use The Elevators?

The answer is yes. In the unlikely event of such a break down, building staff will be present to provide tenants and visitors with access to the elevators.

During Rush Hour, Won'T There Be A Long Line-Up To Get Through?

No. The PALs are designed to more than accommodate the rush hour volumes we experience.

Do I Have To Use My Passcard To Exit Through The Pals?

No. However it is important that you keep your passcard with you at all times, otherwise you won't be able to gain immediate access upon your return. Even when a fire evacuation occurs, you'll need your passcard to re-enter through PAL. Remember if you forget your passcard, go to the Concierge Desk and you'll be issued a visitor pass which will be valid for the day.

I Am A Tenant Located In The High-Rise Elevator Banks, But My Company Often Does Business With Tenants Residing In The Low-Rise Elevator Banks. Will My Commerce Court Passcard Allow Me Access Through All The Pals, Or Just Those At My Elevator Bank?

Your card will allow you access through all Commerce Court West PALs.

I Like To Take The Occasional Cigarette Break. Will My Employer Be Able To Access My In And Out Record?

No. PAL is not for this purpose. Records may be made available as part of investigations involving suspicious activities or Police matters however. For more information, please see a copy of our PAL privacy policy posted on our website. Click here.

What Are Authorized Hosts?

These are people who your company decides will be allowed to register visitors to your floor. Your company may decide on a few key administrators, or may decide that every current Commerce Court passcard holder can be authorized to register visitors. This is your company's decision.

I Am An Authorized Host. How Do I Pre-Register A Visitor?

Upon receiving direction from your Company, Quad Real Property Group will send all authorized hosts an email indicating their username, password, and detailed instructions on how to use the VMS system. From there you will:

  1. go to and click on the PAL button. Click here.
  2. log in with your username and password
  3. input your visitor information
  4. click submit and you're done
Who Do I Call If I Have A Problem Or Forget My Password And/Or User Name?

Call Tenant Services at (416) 364-4110 with any technical problems. Someone will be there 24 hrs/day to respond to your request.

Why Is Visitor Pre-Registration Important?

Visitor pre-registration reduces the amount of time your clients and visitors spend waiting for access. Upon attending the Concierge Desk, pre-registered guests can be processed and receive a visitor passcard in under one minute.

Once I Enter My Visitor’s Information, How Long Does It Take For Them To Be Registered?

Once you click “submit” the information will be available to our Concierge staff within a few minutes.

How Does My Pre-Registered Visitor Pass Through The Pals?

Visitors will go to the Concierge Desk upon arrival to check in. Their details will be verified in on our system, and a visitor passcard will be issued, along with instructions on how to enter the PALs. Instead of using the tenant passcard proximity reader, the visitor will insert their passcard into the slot at the front of the PALs labelled “Visitor”.

Will I Be Able To Have A Friend Come Up To Visit Me If I Have Not Had The Opportunity To Pre-Register Them?

Absolutely. Upon their arrival at the Concierge Desk, they will be asked for their name and the name of the person or company they are here to visit. If you grant permission, the visitor will then be issued a visitor passcard and directed through the PAL.

What Will Happen If An Unauthorized Person Tries To Enter A Pal?

The PALs are not designed to physically prevent someone from entering. However, if an unauthorized person attempts to pass through a PAL, an alarm will sound. When an alarm sounds, elevators currently on Court Level will automatically be halted until the alarm is resolved. Elevators already in progress when an alarm sounds will not be affected and will continue on their course. building personnel will quickly determine the cause of the alarm from our remote viewing centre and the lobby concierge staff will attend to ensure the Visitor is authorized.

Can My Visitor Come And Go As They Please?

Yes, visitors may use their passcards to enter the PALs as frequently as they wish throughout the day. Remember though, visitor passcards only give access through the PALs and not onto a card-reader controlled floor. Visitor passcards are automatically activated beginning 30 minutes prior to the meeting time you enter into the Visitor Management System. All visitor passcards are valid for one day only and automatically expire at 11:59 pm.

Do Visitor Passcards Have To Be Returned?

Visitor passcards are of cardstock material and although not necessary, it is recommended that they are returned to the Concierge Desk so that we may recycle them.

What If I Ordered Pizza Or Flowers? How Do These Types Of Deliveries Reach My Office?

To arrange for delivery personnel to reach your floor, you will be required to follow one of these procedures:

  1. Pre-register the delivery person as a visitor. Note that the name of the individual(s) making the delivery is not required in order for them to be registered and receive a visitor’s card.
  2. Arrange for the delivery to be made through Shipping & Receiving. Have the delivery person report to the Attendant’s office for processing through our service elevators
  3. Meet the unauthorized delivery person in the Lobby and make the transaction in the Lobby so there is no need for them to enter the PAL.
If I Order Catering From A Commerce Court Retailer, As A Tenant Of Commerce Court, Will They Automatically Have Access Through The Pal?

Commerce Court vendors have passcards which allow them automatic access through the Passenger Elevators of Commerce Court. Food services vendors outside Commerce Court wanting access to the passenger elevators will be treated as visitors and as such, will have to report to the Concierge Desk for processing. Alternatively, they can enter via Shipping & Receiving and sign in at the Attendant’s office for access through the service elevator. All vendors can be provided a passcard from the Shipping & Receiving Security Office with access between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday to Friday or upon direction from a Tenant that has provided a PGA.

How Will My Couriers Go Through The Pals?

Bicycle and pedestrian couriers no longer have access to Commerce Court West floors through the building lobby. All pedestrian and bicycle courier transactions for Commerce Court West non-CIBC Tenants will occur at the Courier Intercept Facility, located near the Service Village. CIBC's pedestrian and bicycle courier deliveries will continue to be processed in the CIBC mailroom.

Does This Apply To Vehicle Deliveries As Well?

No. No changes will occur to how vehicle deliveries are processed through the Shipping & Receiving area.